Energy Efficiency

Let us help make your home healthier, more comfortable, and environmentally friendly. Constructive Ideas uses the “house as a system” approach to analyze your home. Mike Hartnett, our energy auditor, holds certifications as a BPI Building Analyst, BPI Shell & Envelop, and State of Illinois Weatherization Certification.

We provide extensive energy audit reporting using state-of-the art equipment. At the end of the energy audit, you’ll have the ear of a trained professional who can advise you on which steps to take next. Our recommendations can provide you with peace of mind as you move towards a more comfortable, efficient home.


Blower Door Testing

A blower door test is a powerful tool in our energy audit. Combined with infrared technology, this test helps us and the homeowner identify the location of drafts and leaks. With this information, we can suggest improvements.

Combustion Testing

The purpose of a combustion test is to measure the safety of your fuel burning appliances, including but not limited to your furnace, hot water heater, and oven. We check for possible gas leaks, carbon monoxide, and to make sure exhaust gasses are vented properly out of the home. This test can help improve the safety and health of all living in the home.

Attic Inspection

During this process we visually check the attic for depth of insulation, potential air leaks, and water leaks.

Roof Inspection

During this visual test, we will look for possible solar, wind, and hail damage. We will check for potential leak problems and other maintenance concerns.

Crawl Space / Basement Inspection

During crawl space inspection we will bring a moisture measuring device to check the vapor barrier in the lower reaches of the home. Too much moisture and your home could succumb to various molds. We offer actionable advice if any moisture problems exist. We also check for maintenance issues and the insulation levels in the crawl space.


Mike and his team are WONDERFUL!!!! They are personal and professional. They are very dependable, and I felt the price was extremely fair. I cannot give them enough praise for what they did for us. I recommend his team in a heartbeat, and Constructive Ideas will be the first company I call when I have a problem. read more testimonials